Superior Parking Lot Maintenance in GTA Requires Expertise and Experience

Parking lot maintenance in the GTA can be a headache that land owners and property managers alike need to deal with more often than they’d like to admit. The frequent freeze-thaw cycles in Ontario cause cracking, heaving, depressions, and faded linemarkings, all of which can be easily rectified by a professional paving company. Choosing the right company will go a long way towards ensuring the best finish to the job, and choosing the best could be a little trickier than one might expect.




Cracks in your asphalt can be a serious root problem that branches off into dozens of smaller problems in the future. Cracks allow water to penetrate deep beneath the paved surface. This moisture can then erode the soil beneath the asphalt. Accumulated water will also freeze in the winter, and when it expands it could easily cause further cracks, as well as heaving and depressions. Crack sealing is a cost-efficient and effective solution to this problem, preventing the cracks you have now from growing larger and spreading.


Heaving and Depressions


While some heaving and depressions are caused by accumulated frozen water, some is caused by larger stones or soft soil. Any moisture found in the stone or soil could lead to substantial expansion during a freeze cycle and a shocking contraction during the thaw. No matter what the root cause of the heaving or depression, it will need to be repaired to reduce the risk of damage to people and vehicles, as well as the possible lawsuits that may ensue.


Faded Line Markings


Nothing makes a paved area look shabbier than faded, cracked, and crooked line markings. Even worse are lines that hardly look like they are there! Your property's line markings stand out against your asphalt, so if they aren't done right, clients are sure to notice. The right paving company is also the right line painting company. No matter what markings are required, the finest in the industry is up for the challenge. From rounded corners and custom markings to standard parking spaces, it’s important to find a team with the diversity to tackle any project. 


Choosing the Best


There’s certainly no shortage of paving companies in the GTA. The problem with most is that they’re simply too small to be of use. The paving season is relatively short and most of the smaller firms spend the off-season filling their schedules for the upcoming year. This might be a good business practice, but for those in need of emergency repairs due to damage cause over the winter, it can be an issue. Find a team that has the manpower, equipment, and products necessary for launching a plan at your convenience, not theirs. A good contractor also shows confidence in their work, backing it up with quality warranty.


When it comes to parking lot maintenance in the GTA, there are a lot of things to worry about. Solve some of the variables in the equation by opting for a team with a firm grasp not only on how to rectify the surface problems, but the ability to offer insight into the possible underlying problems. It’s important to select a team that takes pride in their work and that also understands the value of leaving a clean workspace for the customer. With over 25 years in the industry, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance inc only uses the best equipment with proven methods. Contact the most dependable parking lot maintenance crew in the GTA to learn more about their equipment and products. It’s a quick call that will provide you with the solution to your asphalt needs.

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